Thursday, October 16, 2008

Car Insurance

I know this is a mundane topic, but I came across a company that could help people that drive less than 12,000 miles a year. Its called MileMeter and its purpose is to find you a lower insurance rate based on how many miles you drive. Not sure how it works, but if anyone checks it out or gets a quote please let me know. This is extremely helpful for those of you in cities with good public transport or who live really close to work. I'm intrigued to see how competitive they are and what the parameters are as well.


Anonymous said...

From the MileMeter team, thank you for your encouragement of MileMeter! We're trying to save consumers money while also providing a socially- and environmentally-responsible product that benefits our communities.

To address your questions, we sell consumers insurance in blocks of 1,000 miles. The insurance is effective until the miles are driven or 6 months transpire, which encourages people to buy only what they need for 6 months of travel. All policy quoting and management is performed online, and a quote takes only 3 minutes.

Some of our policyholders have "saved" 75% on their auto insurance premiums. If you use mass-transit, work from home, bike everywhere, live in a rural community, or have an extra vehicle sitting in the garage, you could benefit from MileMeter. Anyone with a vehicle driven under 12,000 miles per year could be a possible customer.

The insurance industry doesn't want to change, and we need your help and the help of your friends in Texas to make reform happen. So please spread the word, and thank you kindly for your interest and assistance.

Chris and the MileMeter team

Vladik said...

Chris, thanks for clearing some of that up for us! I'm excited for your product and look forward to seeing you guys spread to additional states. If we can be of any help, please don't hesitate to ask!